My House

Pricing is in UK pounds

Payment will be a bank transfer to my Bank in Barbados at the exchange rate when payments are due

On initial booking there will be a £300 security deposit in the form of a cheque. This does not form part of the rental payment and will be returned uncashed if there are no problems.

Winter = 1st January to 30th April

Low = 1st May to 30th June

Summer = 1st July to 17th July

Cropover = 18th July to 8th August

Summer = 9th August to 30th September

Fall =  1st October to 31st December

50% of the total rental amount will be due 6 weeks prior to holiday start date and 50% due two weeks before start date.

A full contract will be forwarded on confirmation of booking. On receipt of the signed contract and security deposit cheque, your dates will be reserved on the availability calender

Weekly prices for each season:

Winter £750

Low £600

Summer £650

Cropover £800

Fall £700

Moneycorp Foreign Exchange

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